6 Anticipated Trends to Look for In Software Testing in 2017


Software testing is an incessantly growing industry with phenomenal changes in the past few years. During the time, when test engineers are trying to grapple with the transitions, new developments have taken place. This has not only challenged the testers for constant learning and development but also for the organizations to be alert regarding the top choice for their solution or product. Cutting-edge technologies are overpowering and ruling out current technologies, which have been there for several years.

This post will demonstrate the 6 predicted trends for software testing this year.

  1. Agile & DevOps Will Dominate

open source

The significance of Open Source is being understood and accepted by businesses and enterprises throughout the world. The key drivers for selecting Open Source software and tools are the flexibility of the code and the cost of ownership. It is seen that organizations are not depending on integrated Test Centres, rather testing is projected to swing more towards QA engineering and to become more constant, dynamic, and will become perfectly integrated with development. Collective testing methods like Agile and DevOps are now ruling with their intrinsic advantages.

  1. Mobile Testing Will Still Remain on Top

mobile testing

Mobile testing will continue to be one of the top-most trends in test automation as there’s a momentous swing in the businesses nowadays by embracing more and more mobile technologies and devices. Mobile application testing will undoubtedly have a bigger impact on the software testing, which will include issues related to compatibility, security, function, usability and performance. The increase of Mobile DevOps, apps market, and open-source frameworks will be a bigger cause for growth of mobile test automation.

  1. Moving to Performance Engineering from Performance Testing

performance testing

A better user experience is always vital for the success of any product. Evenness and consistency of performance across the various operating systems, platforms, and devices will describe the potential of any product to capture the market. Therefore, as a requirement to deliver the best UX, strategies are now changing from performance testing to performance engineering.

  1. Chatbots


Chatbots are on top of the trends of test automation. The purpose of bots is to facilitate quicker customer service, and it is expected that it will even take over the apps as the key communication mode in smartphones. Starting from social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Google, and Twitter, to businesses, Chatbots are being introduced everywhere. It is anticipated to immensely support customer service, by providing faster response time, further assistance, round-the-clock digital chat, and simplifying the functions and workings. It has simplified the job of the developers as well, they don’t need to create technology from scratch, instead they can just plug it into any existing API.

  1. IOT Testing Services


Internet Of Things(IOT) is a technical systemic method which comprises of connecting all the real world objects to a network to link and communicate with each other. All objects are connected individually with a sensor while all the sensors are attached together with a microcontroller /microprocessor, which helps in the communication amongst devices by means of the programs stored in it. Some of the popular tools used are Bosch IoT Suite, PlatformIO, The Reality Editor, etc. IOT testing is becoming more and more popular now and it involves assurance of security, compatibility, connectivity, and other performance related issues.

  1. Python Will Remain Popular


For newbies to coding, Python is the most-preferred option as the first choice of language since it is simple to learn, appears like normal English, and comes in human readable format.

Since, nowadays, more manual testers are moving in the direction of automated software testing, for the first time they are learning a programming language. This is when Python becomes really popular with its powerful and easy to learn feature and it is predicted to grow continuously.

So it is clear that there are some major swings in the digital world related to software resting and some innovative techniques are predicted to be seen in 2017.



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