Top 7 Hot Web Design Trends Expected To Be Seen In 2017

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Trends are celebrated variations that take place in all creative fields including web design. Each year, the web design industry experiences some kind of progression cycle in order to stay germane and exciting.

This year too, unquestionably, we will see a lot of trends from previous years which will continue to outline and inspire the web design planetary.

Without more ado, here we present 7 exciting trends in design expected to be seen, and which can give an awesome facelift to your website in 2017.

  1. A Mobile-first Modus Operandi


This approach is adopted so that all kinds of viewers can be accommodated. The modus operandi is to design and develop a website in which the site structure, images, and content will deliver the finest seamless user experience across all kinds of devices starting from PCs to smartphones.

The truth is that there’s a snowballing number of users probing the websites through smartphones or mobile devices, and only highly mobile responsive websites ensure easy and intuitive navigation for your website visitors irrespective of the device from which they browse. This will result in happy users and more conversions.

Although, this isn’t a very new concept, but the fact that more sites are now taking a more focused approach in offering their content to smaller sized screens and it is anticipated that this will continue to be a significant feature of web designing in future too.

  1. More Consistent and User-friendly Design Frameworks and UI Patterns

The functionality and look of websites have been greatly influenced by the mobile-responsive approach and the swelling recognition of predesigned themes and WordPress.

But, recently, it has been greatly observed that both UI and UX patterns appear throughout the web where various sites appear and work in very identical ways as they pick up from each other to improve their users’ experience. But in spite of the similar look and functionality, the consistency of UI and UX patterns are really appreciable which have also made the web a more reliable and user-friendly place.

Seeing this, it can be predicted that as these present UI and UX patterns transform and develop, more and more brands will embrace and implement them in order to move one step closer to a more integrated, and steady surfing experience.

  1. 360º Video and VR

With the Virtual Reality progressively discovering its niche in the market and making quite an impact on the users and the social media now supporting and being flooded with 360-degree videos, these trends are predicted to make enormous impact on web designs this year.

It is thought that 360-degree videos and VR will be integrated into the world of web design to build magnificent, interactive experience, which will surely help the brands showcase their products or services in the most unique way.

  1. Superior-quality Genuine Photographs

genuine pic

It has been noticed that stock photography decreases trust and is generally overlooked. It’s certainly ruinous for design and even more harmful for businesses. Nowadays, with the popping up of so many genuine photography sites, getting attractive, relevant, superior-quality pictures is simpler than ever, hence, it is expected that this year we will see the reduced usage of tacky stock photographs in web design.

To fascinate and engage users, brands will be implementing well-composed but realistic pictures that can really relate well to the graphical story of their website.

  1. Grid and Card Design Layouts

The card design layouts, initially propagated by Pinterest, endure to form and inspire trends in web design. The ease, flexibility, organization, and openness created by the cards have enhanced their appeal.

In 2017, it is anticipated that the vibrant grid style along with card layouts will be seen more. Grid layouts are mostly apt for pages with a great quantity of data, as they really make it easy to access the information.

  1. Custom Illustrations

It gives the impression that in the domain of web design, illustrations satisfy two purposes at one time – beautifies and clarifies.

For the last few years, we have experienced a lot of vibrant artwork in the form of icons and colorful mascots. This year it is anticipated that illustration is heading for a more customized style. Hand-drawn looks, low-color, are some of the special features that are expected to be seen more this year.

  1. Long-scrolling Websites

Due to the super impact of the social sites like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, which let their users to scroll down for hours, constantly displaying new content, long-scrolling websites are predicted to be the hot-favorite for the web designers this year. Instead of menus and tabs, this kind of sites are  putting their whole content on one elongated page, broken up with typography, images and videos to offer some excitement to the viewers.

And moreover, do not worry about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), all these pages are generally crammed with abundant supply of information below the scroll.

All these trends signifies the way user behaviors and expectations are changing which is transforming the whole concept of web design.


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